Sharing to Healing

by - Juli 30, 2014

No, Its not a suffering
No, Its not about forgetting.
Its all about acceptance.

I admit it, this was the saddest Idul Fitri ever...
It would have been nice to enjoy this life together, but he left us like a lightning. We never expected that death could catch him that fast. I wish that he would have told us earlier, I hate that he suffered in silence for so long. But I know that he has found the peace that he truly needed and I know that he will forever be my guardian angel. He was my bestfriend and he is my superhero. Now, there’s a missing piece that can never be replaced.

Well, I'm going home, down hearted and hoping I'm close to some new beginning. I know there's a reason for everything that comes and goes. But so many people are looking to me to be strong and to fight, but I'm just surviving. And most days, I try my best to put on a brave face but inside, my bones are cold and my heart weaks
I may be weak but I'm never defeated and I'll keep believing in clouds with that sweet silver lining. And all the while, something's keeping me safe and alive. And I won't give up like this.
 I will be given strength. Now that I've found it, nothing can take that away. I don't wanna waste another dayy~

Death can never take a good man away, for in the hearts of the people he inspired, the legacy remains and continuous throughout generations.  Anyone can be forgotten but not a man who chose a life of selflessness and generosity. You will always remain in our hearts. With eyes full of tears and our crushed hearts,  we love you and we will not ever forget the moments we shared.

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6 komentar

  1. *buka gugel trenslet* Innalillahi wa innailaihi roji'un...
    So sorry to hear that, sist...
    I hope Allah will hug him and he'll rest in peace in the best place--heaven.

  2. sebenernya ceritanya ini aku lagi bw. tapi aku gak ngarti itu maksudnya apa.
    sempet aku kroscek htmlnya sih, takut salah masuk alamat. ternyata emang gak nyasar. yaudah deh yang penting aku udah mampir dan menaruh jejak.
    salam kenal kakak :))

  3. ---moving on is not about never looking back. It is taking a glance at yesterday and seeing how much you grown since then.---
    ---Let’s start over. Because what...because life goes on---

    Never too late in the dumps. Just pray.
    Than open your heart that so many people care.
    Yes, there are no one like him.
    Let God show He has a great plan after this.

    1. ciee komentator setia cie..selalu hadir di postingan baru.

      Btw, yeaah.. i have a lot of to be thankful for. Allah blessing me much more than i deserve.
      and thanks for your support..